Why Granite Bathroom Countertops Is a Great Investment?

There’s sometimes some hesitancy amongst homeowners in the Middle Tennessee region who are searching to install a granite bathroom countertop in their bathroom. They fear the maintenance and care required for granite bathroom countertops are too difficult, but really it’s all just the three simple granite bathroom countertop guidelines below to bear in mind. Granite, like most materials is porous and in order to maintain its beauty a good granite bathroom countertop needs to be sealed every few years with a topical sealer. This will help stop any future stains.

While granite bathroom countertops are very durable and hard wearing, they also stain. The most common stains come from spills or accidental contact with hot pots and pans, hot water bottles, and even acidic drinks like juices or sodas. These types of stains can be prevented by wiping down the counter regularly with a solution of warm water and a mild soap, but this may not be practical in your busy lifestyle. A preventative approach to staining is to use a topical sealer on the granite every few years to seal in any spills.

Another factor to consider when choosing granite bathroom countertops is the level of heat the stone surface is capable of with each slab. Most marble bathroom counters are only available in a small number of thicknesses; the thinner the granite the hotter it will be to touch. As such, it’s usually wise to think about choosing granite countertops in a lighter color than you might otherwise choose. Similarly, any marble pieces placed too close together in a larger area can melt and cause cracking.

A good granite bathroom countertop is durable and beautiful, but above all, it must be able to withstand the daily rigors of bathroom countertops. A great deal of pressure is placed on granite bathroom countertops, especially from hot water bottles and toilet bowl movements. Hot water can etch the surface of the stone or result in the stone coming loose and leaving tiny little lines of parallel burn marks on the surface. To avoid these undesirable results, it is important to purchase a countertop with the right degree of hardness.

It is also necessary to pay attention to staining. Marble is one of the hardest stones in existence, and even its strongest manufacturers cannot stain it successfully. Because of this, granite bathroom countertops require more consistent treatment than most other surfaces. If a spill occurs only once, most homeowners will be able to clean up the stain themselves using household cleaners or commercial cleaners designed for granite. More severe stains will need to be treated by a professional.

Some homeowners prefer a black granite bathroom countertop over other colors. Black granite is striking and can fit with any decor. Unlike many colors, however, black granite counters require more consistent cleaning. Because black granite is slightly more durable than its counterparts, more stubborn stains may be able to withstand several items of washing before they lose their luster.

Granite bathroom countertops are the perfect addition to any home. Their durability makes them a long-term investment, and their natural beauty means that they can always be refinished or painted to match your decor. While granite is certainly not inexpensive, the cost of treating a granite countertop will be a fraction of the cost of treating expensive ceramic tile. Plus, granite is far easier to care for, requiring far fewer annual or monthly maintenance visits to a homeowner. A simple sweeping and wiping will keep a granite countertop looking new for years to come.

Granite is also among the most versatile natural stones on the market. With a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, any decorator’s imagination can be exercised when creating a unique design for a granite countertop. In fact, homeowners may find that they have little to choose from in terms of design since granite is one of the easiest natural stones to begin a countertop with. Since granite comes in a variety of beautiful shades and hues, any homeowner will be able to find the perfect combination for his or her home. Because granite is so versatile, it is a smart choice for any countertop.